Ohta Tokyo Int'l Inheritance Support Office

(Fontana Int'l Administrative Law Office)


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−Our Handling Duty Contents−

【Cooperate Relations−(in Japan)】

  1. Management Consulting
  2. Management Marketing
  3. Company Establishments (CO、LLP、LLC)
  4. Registration Change from LLP to CO.
  5. Company Establishment Supports
  6. NPO Registrations
  7. Sales Promotion Supports
  8. Authorization Applications
  9. Articles of Associations and Cooperate Provisions
  10. Office Regulations and Labor Contracts
  11. Minutes of Proceedings
  12. Agreements and Contracts
  13. Labor Conventional Notes
  14. Labor Dispute Consulting
  15. Documents Certifications
  16. Contents Certificated Mails
  17. Public Finance Funds Applications
  18. Apartment Administrative Provisions
  19. Construction permit Application
  20. Forwarding Agent Registrations
  21. Restaurant and Bar Registrations
  22. Foods Production and sale Permissions
  23. Factory Establishment Approval
  24. General Waste Disposal Approval
  25. Designation Approvals for Nursing Care
  26. Newly Applications for Social Insurance
  27. Compliance Corresponding Consultation
  28. J-SOX Consulting
  29. Substitutes for Acquisition of Registration Documents
  30. Consulting for Inroads into Japan
  31. Income Tax Declaration
  32. Accounting Book Entry
  33. Special Local VAT Declaration
  34. Registrations of Licensed Real Estate and Building Agents
  35. Overseas Shipping Documents
  36. Car Drive Deputing Agent Application
  37. Secondhand Dealer Appication
  38. Liquor Store Application
  39. Pharmacy Application
  40. Barber and Beauty Parlor Application


【Cooperate Relations−(for China)】

  1. Consulting for making inroads into China. 
  2. Management Consultation
  3. Company Establishments (CO、LLP、LLC)
  4. Representative Office Establishment
  5. Government Offices Correspondence                               (Tax, Industry and Commerce, Customs 、Police)
  6. Working Visa Application
  7. Audit Consulting
  8. Taxation Report Consultation
  9. Labor Dispute Consulting
  10. Articles of Associations and Cooperate Provisions
  11. State of Accounts Consultation
  12. Compliance Corresponding Consultation
  13. Authorization Applications
  14. Substitutes for Acquisition of Registration Documents
  15. Joint Venture Application


【Cooperate Relations−(for US and EU)】

  1. Management Consultation
  2. Company Establishments (CO、LLP、LLC)
  3. Working Visa Application
  4. Audit Consulting
  5. Articles of Associations and Cooperate Provisions
  6. State of Accounts Consultation
  7. Compliance Corresponding Consultation
  8. Authorization Applications
  9. Substitutes for Acquisition of Registration Documents
  10. Joint Venture Application


【Inheritance Affairs】

  1. Satisfying Testament Support and Consultation
  2. Adult Guardianship Consultation
  3. Testament making(Own Handwriting, Secret Instrument,               Attest Instrument )
  4. Testament Execution Support
  5. Testament Division Conventional Notes
  6. Heir Settlement Inspection
  7. Renounce the right of  Inheritance
  8. Legal Inheritance Portion Consultation
  9. General Inheritance Consultation

 10.  Heir and Property Inspection


【Personal Affairs】

  1. Contents-Certificated Mail
  2. Settlement out of Court Agreement
  3. Letter of Accusation and Complaint
  4. Petition and Representation
  5. Legal Hearing and Explanation
  6. Consumer Protection (Cooling-Off and so on)
  7. Public Relations and Social Position(Marriage、Divorce、Adoption)
  8. Naturalization Apply
  9. VISA  Apply

 10.  Permanent Residence Permission

 11.  Residence Status Application

 12.  Working Qualify Certification

 13.  Mixed Marriage

 14.  Farmland Conversion

 15.  Advertising Material Setting Permission

 16.  Overseas Shipping Documents

 17.  Hyper-Payment Refund Claim